Welcome to Youngs Chimney Sweeps

A Very Warm Welcome to Young’s Chimney Sweeps

chimney sweepingWe are a family run business based in Greater Manchester, covering all of Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside. We take pride in our work and all of our staff have the latest training to ensure that we can provide the very best, professional service.

Why You Need to Have Your chimney Swept

The number one reason is safety.

Your chimney is essentially an exhaust pipe to carry harmful fumes from your fireplace out of your home. Every time you light your traditional fireplace or modern stove it creates soot, tar and creosote that over time can build-up or ‘stick’ to the inside of your chimney, reducing the effectiveness of the ventilation. If this is not dealt with you can start to be concerned about chimney fires or indeed carbon monoxide gases lingering in your home.

Another issue to be considered: birds like chimneys too! Birds will often build nests in chimneys due to their perceived safety from other predators. Of course their nesting materials are highly flammable and nests – new or old – can also prevent the chimney from ventilating properly, again giving concern for a chimney fire.

A reason you may not have considered – saving money. A clean chimney works much more efficiently, ensuring the heat comes into the house and not just up the chimney.

Why Hire Us?

chimney sweepingUsing a professional is unquestionable. Using our professionals just makes sense. We have the tools, training and experience to do this messy job carefully and cleanly!

We have been cleaning chimneys in this area for a long time, however, we keep our training and equipment updated at all times to ensure the best possible service. We are also very competitively priced.

chimney sweeping
Fixed price chimney sweeping

If your chimney is regularly used it should be swept yearly – at the very least.

We offer a free smoke draw test and carry out chimney inspections to determine if you have any issues with birds nests, build-up or structural damage.

We are fully insured so that you know your property is in safe, professional hands.

We issue a certificate of completion should it be needed for insurance purposes etc.

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